Where did those photos go?

28 November 2011

Apologies if you stopped by my blog today and could only see one photo for the Bletchley Park entry!  When I posted the blog yesterday all photos published fine, but when I popped in this evening (and how lovely to find a comment!) most had disappeared!  Now how did that happen!!??

Anyway, I have reloaded them.  Let's hope they can last the course this time!

If you have popped by you may see from the blogs on the LHS that I follow Angie Hughes.  She is one of my heroes - being one of the people responsible for setting me on my creative path.  There is a whole 30 minute programme on Youtube which features Angie.   I know that some people who have stumbled across me do not live in the UK so may not have met Angie.  Well this is not quite as good as meeting her, but I think it is possibly the next best thing!

And finally, if anyone reading this is in London this weekend, and specifically south London, then you might be interested in The Workshop Sale.  Its on Saturday in East Dulwich.  Its a fabulous event (I have been going for the last 10 years - I help my good friends at Rob Turner China) and has a few textile persons - not least the wonderful Linda Miller - a recent star in the Kirstie Allsop craft series.

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