Repeat Patterns

15 March 2012

The thing with this latest C&G course is to work on repeat pattern.  And actually when you start to set your mind to it, this is not as easy as it first seems.  We are surrounded by pattern on fabric, wallpapers and other decorative items, yet to design a pattern is quite a challenge.

My inspiration is leaves - yes, I know it has been done before, but actually perhaps that makes it even more of a challenge.

My starting point was a Zentangle - or organised doodling.  And it really does free you up.

Then I did a bit of doodling in colour.

And then I decided to do a bit of printing, making blocks with my materials of choice - sheets of play foam and old polystyrene pizza bases.

Here you can see a couple of blocks using the sheets of foam that you can get from places like Hobbycraft.  It is easy to cut with scissors or a craft knife.  You might recognise the inspiration for these blocks (well, the ivy excepted) from that original zentangle.

Below are the results, and I am rather pleased.


  1. Lovely representation of sketchbook work so far! I love this scale, really brings it all into focus. I'm buzzing with purchases from my outing to Rainbow silks today - such fun!

  2. Wish I had been with you, I love Rainbow Silks!! But, you know, day job blah blah blah....

    Anyhoo, lots of sketch booking going on (will get more up on the site soon) but still finding this idea of a repeat patter a challenge!

  3. Nice doodles! On the repeat patterns, you could try turning your block through 90 degrees each time. This can lead to some really interesting effects, especially on some of your more directional designs, like the one in the bottom left corner. x


  4. You can make interesting designs by cutting a piece out of the left side and adding it to the right, also top and bottom, and make shapes that tesselate, think Escher!


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