Another print block

22 April 2012

Rather pleased with the reaction to my PVA experiment and the simple leaf design that I had created, I thought I would explore it a bit further and make a print block using a very similar design.

I love using sheets of craft foam, the cheap stuff you get at Hobby craft and similar.

I drew my design using a pen that would not rub off too badly, and then I cut it out.  In this case, because the design was a bit intricate I used a craft knife, but I have created blocks with simpler designs just using scissors. (I have also burnt this stuff with a soldering iron, but you need to work in a very well ventilated area if you are going to do that.  It gives off a rather nasty whiff).

Then I stuck it to a bit of card - and voila another print block ready to be pressed into action.

And a page from my sketch book - a bit rushed so the paint was a bit blobby, but I was just using simple acrylics. 

You get the picture however.


  1. I've hoarded craft foam for years, and never used it - you've inspired me!

  2. Iz, go on! Do it. Wonderful stuff. You cannot get the same intricate detail as you would with wood or lino (or indeed the soft lino replacement) but it is not bad at all. I have had much success with blocks using foam. And also with pizza bases - don't get me going about pizza bases!


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