Wet on Wet - painting background fabrics

14 April 2012

I had a lovely book for my birthday from Daughter.

Sew Wild: Creating with Stitch and Mixed Media

Full of simple and accessible techniques.  There is a U Tube interview with the author if you are interested.

One of these is to use 'wet on wet' painting to apply background colour to fabric.  The process is very simple.

I lightly wetted the dry fabric (in this case by sprinkling water onto the fabric).  An alternative would be to use a water spray - but could I find mine!!??

Then I boldly applied the paint using a brush.  In this sample I used two colours – Chartreuse and Salmon - from the Dy Na Flow range.

The second colour is applied while the first colour is wet.  Then the piece is put to one side to dry.  (In this case I left the fabric on the background plastic sheet).

I did a second sample using three colours - Brass, Ochre and Sun Yellow, again Dy-Na-Flow.

Here are the finished samples.

While I like them, and will definately use them for over printing, it was not quite the affect I was expecting.

I think it was because I left the samples to dry on the plastic sheeting, so for a while the colours continued to run into each other and the leaf shapes were lost.

Brass, ochre and sun yellow.

Chartreuse and salmon/


  1. oooh, I don't know what you were going for but I love these blurry abstract effects!

  2. Well, I was thinking a wee bit more definition and 'line' - no lines to be seen! But I like the effect too. In fact, I might try a little experiment and over paint one of them again before I print on the surface.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes , they are lovely. I like Dy Na Flow paints - the quality and pigmentation is excellent.

  4. I like it too! You can always add line with stitch - I think it would look lovely against the background.

  5. Kim - yes you're right, but this is part of the C&G creative textiles course so more about textile surface design than embroidery so my poor machine is languishing a bit, feeling just a tad unloved!


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