24 hours in the day is not enough

29 May 2013

I have so much art racing around in my head.   It can all get a bit giddy. My hard drive needs an upgrade.  Plug me in someone!

First of all there is the next phase of Horizons - nothing more to report since I painted the text, but I have an idea how I will progress that and in particular how I will attached the painted words.

Secondly I have to crack on with the journal quilts - I have got four to do for the next part of the challenge.

Thirdly I have set myself the task to finish at least one book wrap.  There will be a tombola at this years Festival of Quilts and the Contemporary Quilt group are organising it and looking for book wraps.    I feel I should be able to get at least one completed.

So I assembled my tools - some dyed fabric (I think it was a shibori experiment gone wrong) an old print block  I made a couple of years ago ( craft foam mounted on card - above) and a new print block, a present from my daughter, below.

The pattern from the new print block. 

The print from the home made print block.

Then I used placed organza over the printed surface and, using acrylic felt as a wadding, got quilting.

I have nearly finished the quilting.  Then I might just take the hot gun to it and do a bit of burning. I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Then there is a present for a friend getting married in July.  I am give a reading and I think the poem I am reading would be a lovely present. But I need to 'mount' it in some way. Mixed media could be the answer.

So I have started to prepare the background paper.

So much to do and so little time! (bother this day job mularky - I think I may have said that before!)


  1. Lots of fascinating and beautiful work here Hilary. I am struggling to find the time to finish the Horizons piece too. Two months to get it done would be really useful!

    1. Indeed!!!

      I just need to make some space and time. Hopefully this weekend will give me a chance. I good day at the machine should see it 'cracked'. Here's hoping.

  2. Know that feeling too! If only we didnt need to sleep!

  3. Busy bee!! your work looks great, dont panic you know you always get there on time. Happy sewing etc. Jx

  4. Goodness you are busy!!!
    Book wrap - I had an idea to do this too. Is there still time?

  5. I love the print blocks - oh and all your work here! Have you ever tried the gelli plate technique, these would be ideal for that ;-)

    1. Gillian, thanks for stopping by.

      In answer to your question - no, I never have. My daughter does some lovely mono prints, but I have been so captivated by the simplicity and ease of foam print blocks that I have not managed to really try anything else. I do keep promising myself a print course though. Such a great technique in general.


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