The Uttoxeter Quilt and Stitch Village - a quick canter

3 May 2013

By Helen Conway

What a fabulous show.

I have been mulling over this all week - why did I have such a good day out?

Here's my analysis:-

  • A great venue - Uttoxeter race course has a lovely quaint feel to it.  I think that is down to the timber buildings surrounding the winners enclosure
  • Easy to get to - I won't bore you with the delights of the British motorway network - just take my word for it (from my direction anyway)
  • A fabulous size - I found it just right in terms of both the trade stands and the exhibits.  Not too exhausting (you have to get in training for FoQ)
  • Hilary Beattie's fabulous quilt won 2 prizes and she is now in possession of 2 new sewing machine
And most importantly of all:-

  • It included embroidery as well as just the ubiquitous quilts and, dear reader, on reflection I think I am an embroider rather than a quilter.

Here are some photos to feast your eyes on (though sadly my embroidery section photos are not good enough to share - I'll come back to the lighting!)

This is why I way there.  I was manning the JQ stand with the wonderful Sue Turner.  You could examine these little quilts all day.

Garden of Eden by Judith Gill from Newark

My World in a Spin - Lorraine Ellison

Venice inspired quilt by Frieda Oxenham

Transition - Who do you think I am? - by Helen Conway

My Heart, My Home - Gilli Theokritoff

Metal Facade - Caroline Lindsay 

Sorry - I don't know who you are!
The Prize Winner - My Heart My Home by Hilary Beattie

Master Caster - Hilary Beattie

If I have one gripe - and though quite a major one, it still does not stop me recommending this show - then it was the lighting.

The pavilion that the JQs were in was not well lit.  Nobody complained, but I think the quilts were not shown in their best light (no pun intended) and the embroidery exhibits were in the track side pavilion with large windows looking onto the track (to see the racing obviously) but there was a bit of glare and as many of the embroideries were framed this made the photography a bit tricky.

But, all in all a good little show, and I really hope that some other shows start to have embroidery classes (the textile boundaries are all a bit blurred anyway).  It expands the experience for the visitors.


  1. love this blog. My kids used to go to school at Doveridge...not a million miles from Uttoxeter!

    1. Really? How long have you been south coast based?

      I 'live' in Gosport but spend most of my time here in Northants and I am such a fan of the midlands.

      This was such a lovely show.

  2. Thank you for this account Hilary. Uttoxeter is within reasonable reach for me too but I have never been. I amy have to make the effort next year. I fall between the two stalls of emroidery (or stitcher) and quilter and I'm never sure where I fit.

    1. Julie - I am not a quilt show expert. I have never been to Malvern or Harrogate. But I loved this little show. And I love the fact that they have an embroidery section as well as the quilts. Next year you must try to get there

  3. Just found this Hilary - lovely account .. it is a lovely show. Julie - you should definitely make the effort ... best of both worlds. I shall look out for you next year in the embroidery section Hilary xx

    1. Hi - and I see you are getting geared up for Minerva.

      Thanks for stopping by Hilary. And hope you're loving your new machines.


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