ART & ARTISTS: Festival of Britain

3 May 2013

I follow a number of blogs.  Most are by artists who are similar to me, but a couple are by people who are not in the textile world.

This is one of those.  I follow it because Poul gives background information on all sorts of artists, and so far all have been unfamiliar to me.

And he has just posted this one.

ART & ARTISTS: Festival of Britain - part 2: For background information on the Festival of Britain (1951) see part 1 of this post.

Absolutely fascinating - have a look.

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  1. I went to a fascinating exhibition at the Wellcome Museum a couple of years ago about the inspiration for designs at Festival of Britain. And there's a great book on the subject too, called From Atoms to Patterns by Lesley Jackson, which I borrowed from Morley Library.


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