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27 June 2013

Sorry everyone - time has been so tight that there was not room for sewing and blogging and with the Horizons deadline sewing won!

But I can report that Horizons is finished - the quilt that I feel I have been working on for months and months for the Festival of Quilts Contemporary Quilt gallery.

And here is the finished quilt (hanging over the back of a door).

And a few thankyous are in order.

So thank you to Kit Lang ( one of my textile heroines and whose blog you can find here) who pointed me in the direction of this wonderful instruction for a hanging sleeve

And thank you to Quilting Arts who gave me the idea for the edge finish to this quilt from one of their free e-book down loads. 

I used organza to finish the edging - neat but not overpowering to the rest of the design.  

This is a lovely technique (but does need a steady hand - whoops that hole in the photo below is not supposed to be there!)

A strip of organza is cut and folded over the edge of the quilt to be bound.  Then pin and then sew.

Then using a hot soldering iron tool you 'cut' away the surplus material close to the line of stitching.  (But you do have to be careful not to burn away fabric that you don't want to loose!  This is actually a close up of the sample - but that hole is not supposed to be there! )

Today I packed it up and posted it - next time I see it will be at FoQ.

This is my first FoQ quilt so a bit of a milestone for me.

Here is the little 20 cm 'sample' for handling.

And here is the statement on the back. 


  1. All looks very interesting. I won't be at FoQ this year, so hope you have a great time there and gets lots of good comments.

    1. I cannot imagine missing it. I have not been to many other shows but would feel quite bereft if I missed this one. If I did this one again - and I might return to the subject as I draw on southern Spain for a lot of inspiration, I would deal with the lettering in a different way. I am not wholly happy with the way that has worked out.

  2. Wow! I would not have guessed this was your first FOQ quilt. Well done, I shall look forward to seeing it at the Show. The organza edging works well, I wouldn't have thought of it. It looks like my own Horizons piece will have to wait for another exhibition, I will not get it finished in time sadly. I like that you've attached your statement to the back of the sample. I always miss seeing that if people don't add it.

    1. Ah Julie, what a shame. Will you get your other piece finished? And thanks for you comment about the binding. I found it on an interweave e-book, which I will blog about, and thought it ideal for this project.

  3. Thanks so much Kit. Your comments are really appreciated.

  4. Well done Hilary! Haven't been posting or reading much (too busy working to live!) but just caught up on all your hard work. Good luck at FOQ!

  5. Looks good - congrats on your first FOQ quilt, may there be many more to come! Love that burned-away organza edging.

    1. Margaret thanks so much for dropping by and for your comment. It was a bit of a saga, this quilt, and seemed a long time in the making, and in the end I was not wholly happy with the wording. But a dead line is a deadline and no time for prevarication. Will be interesting to see it hanging alongside others.


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