A little holiday

10 August 2013

I have been on a little holiday - no internet so no blogging (which was a shame as there was so much to share!)

We stayed here.

The middle cottage with the open front door.  And it was definately the teeny tiniest cottage I have ever stayed in.  1 up 1 down is almost an exaggeration, but it was just perfect for 2 people and a dog.

And it had a lovely walled garden.

We were in Angie Hughes country - just a couple of miles outside Ledbury in Herefordshire.

We were there to attend a family wedding.  The wedding was lovely but I won't go mad with the photos here.  Instead I will show you the wonderful venue for the reception - Hellens Manor at Much Marcle.

Hellens is a lovely old manor house, with that crumbly lived in feeling (and a bit of a smell of damp!)

And lovely gardens.

One of the bridesmaids and wedding guests has sneaked in here, and the 'free range' dog (who I presume lives there).

I promised I would not go mad with the wedding photos, but I just had to share the wedding car with you.

 We did lots of walks with the dog (ours, not the free range dog at Hellens) and on one of the walks came across this derelict cottage.

And I could also go mad with photos of Tudor Ledbury (worth a visit for the tudor buildings) but instead I will share this with you instead - a modern gem tucked up an alley off the highstreet.  This is Tinsmiths and it houses a lovely gallery and, of course, textile shop with a fab range of St Judes fabrics.

This rather stunning modern building is an absolute delight.  Three cheers for the planners who had the vision to allow this little development to happen. 

You can read more about it here.


  1. What a gorgoeus place to stay and the manor is wonderful, I can even smell that old damp aroma :-) Tinsmiths looks and sounds wonderful, you are tempting me to visit Ledbury!

    1. Apparently in the war it was used to house pictures from the Tate - it's a miracle that the damp didn't do for them instead of the Luftwaffe !


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