Insomniacal night time wanderings

21 December 2013

Well, here I am again. Suffering another one of my miserable bouts of insomnia.

So what's a girl to do? Well, browse the web of course ( insomnia must have been so boring in ye olden days!)

First up to share is this post about a Central St Martins graduate with the most incredible surface design patterns.

Follow that link and just marvel at the way she has used monkeys and tigers. 

Next up is this fantastic blog.

Now you may have noticed that I don't confine my reading to textile, quilting or embroidery blogs but do like some more art related things. And you may also have noticed that I'm a bit of a fan of Eric Ravillious and his contempories.  Thanks to James Russell I am now introduced to another of this circle of artists.  This time Peggy Angus.  She is completely unknown to me and her work is a quite rare, but certainly someone to research a bit more.

Then again, want to know what colours we were putting on our walls in the 60s and 70s? Try this.

That Tan looks scarily familiar in a teenage bedroom kind of way. 

And then of course, following the highbrow theme, there is this!

Whippet X is rendered quite speechless ( or should that be woof less ) at this. Cats to him are merely a snack option. 

Right - going to try again. A girl needs her beauty sleep.

ps - sorry but to follow the links you will need to cut and paste into your browser I think.  I wrote this on the iPad and haven't mastered how to do the links there yet. 


  1. I know insomnia too ... and the comfort of browsing and reading. Such a cornucopia of delights to sample here. I will save them till I hit downtime after all the festivities are over. Happy times to you!

    1. Enjoy them in the post Christmas downtime. Somehow I am really looking forward to Friday!

      Happy Christmas

  2. So sorry to hear about the's a bit of a constant around here too.....and here we are all benefiting from your insomnia....I feel a bit selfish!!! But I shall enjoy, nonetheless!! Thanks for posting this.

    1. My pleasure.

      Sorry to hear that this midnight awake time also affects you. Thank goodness for You Tube!

      Happy Christmas


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