The Tree and Me - the exhibition

6 December 2013

On my last post I reported that I had been invited to produce some work for a new Arts Venture in Milton Keynes. 

Well the  gallery is now up and functioning. 

There was a big bash - I think there might have been wine because my friend Jane did seem to enjoy herself very much!!  Unfortunately, due to family commitments I was unable to go to the grand opening, but I had a private viewing all to myself on Tuesday lunchtime. 

And I have to say I was quite blown away by the quality of the work on show.  This sounds a bit, well elitist, but to be perfectly honest I thought that it might all be a bit 'worthy' but amateurish.  It was anything but!  It was quite quite fabulous! 

Here are some pics for you to enjoy. 

First up - little textile trees with a seasonal bear! This is by Jane Charles (my friend Jane who features in a few of my blogs)

A stunning painting by Debi Sarah Wilkinson.

Jill Goodyear - Ink on Paper

Jill Goodyear - acrylic on canvas

And finally, 5 mixed media pieces by yours truly.

I should say that there was a lot of other work, but my photos did not do it justice.  There is a fair amount of natural light in the space and my photos have a lot of glare (must learn to take better photos!)

I must say an enormous thank you to Jane and the other curators who did such an amazing job of hanging the exhibition. My own pieces looked stunning grouped together.  I really do feel much more confident now to put more of my work out there. 

Finally, the exhibition runs until early Jan, but because of the location you have to be accompanied.  But if you are in Milton Keynes, I urge you to go.  If you are interested, leave me a comment and I will arrange a viewing.


  1. It is lovely, thanks for your work although sorry it is now at the cost of a bigger challenge - ooopps! xx

  2. Just found this - sorry I did not acknowledge sooner.


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