The Tree and Me

1 December 2013

Last weekend was frenetic on the creative front. Frenetic but hugely satisfying and successful. Let me explain.

I have a friend here in Milton Keynes ( my home from home) who I met when is did my City and Guilds courses. Indeed Jane was the Tutor on my C&G courses! We have kept in touch.

Jane recently moved her studio from her dining room table (shared with her 2 boys, her daughter and her hubby) to a wonderful new art space in Milton Keynes called Arts Central because you cannot get more central than the third floor of some empty office space over Milton Keynes station. She has a brilliant creative space with wonderful views over the City.

And the venue has a gallery space.

And all gallery spaces need an exhibition - hence the call for entries to 'The Tree and Me'. Frankly, the time was so tight that I had just dismissed it, but Jane and I had an inspiring visit to Compton Verney ( which will be another blog post I am sure) and fully charged up and inspired I succumbed to her gentle persuasion.

Hence last weekend saw a frenetic session of work based on some recent very successful pages from my sketch book.

In the end I managed to submit 5 pieces. I am really pleased with the fact that I was able to turn this work around so quickly and that they were happy to accept it for the exhibition.

I am also pretty thrilled that Milton Keynes now has a 'Range' store - not because I am interested in most of the tat they sell there , but, boy, do they have a good range so simple frames!

I feel that I might now be on the next phase of my artistic journey. 

Created with Werdsmith.


  1. Love these - great colours and simple interlocking design - very effective.

    1. Thanks so much. I saw them hanging today and they looked really good.


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