So off I went, clutching my purse in hand...

21 September 2014

And first of all I bought this selection of goodies from a local charity shop.

Not to wear, but to break up for the beads. ( I want beads for the 'Seize the Day' book)

And I bought this ( well the one on the right) from Winslow Vintage and Handmade Fair

And I treated myself to some earrings by  Penny Warren ( ) bought from the lovely Boo Gallery at Castle Ashby. ( )

And now my purse is empty!

So, being frugal I made these ( for Seize The Day).


  1. Some yummy finds here!! What a productive day you had. I especially love the tea would be fun to draw, in keeping with your previous post!!

    1. You're right!!!

      I'm going to try drawing a day in October. Missed out on September and just didn't catch up.

      And what a good idea - a drawing ramble around my kitchen cupboards!

  2. Love the handmade beads - are they paper or Tyvek?

    1. Paper. Perhaps I should try to get some better pics. I actually bonded paper towel used to mop up ink to coy paper, and then used that to make the beads.

      If you see the next post you will see some if them strung for the book. I think they look great mixed with other beads.


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