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14 April 2015

I don't crochet. 

But I can sew!  

Daughter No 1 crocheted these large squares ages ago, and I got my act into gear for her and stitched them onto some rather ordinary cushions.  What a transformation! 

This one was actually done by her Grandmother. It is lovely.

And talking of loveliness - in the lawn!

And finally a random chair (which I rather like) which would just look so great with one of those cushions!


  1. I've got violets popping up all over my lawn too and I even managed to save them from my husband's lawnmower! Such a pretty sight.

    1. I'm not mowing yet! Too lovely and I want the seeds to set for more next year.

  2. The cushions are very pretty. We have a lawn full of violets too and my DH very kindly mowed round them :-) I nag him unmercifully about leaving wild flowers in the lawn lol Actually there is a general move in our street by violets, I have watched them spread through the front gardens over the last few years.

  3. Julie - I think you are right. Violets used to be very rare, but in my last house I began to spot them on roadside verges and they do seem to be recovering well. I think the wild version (and the ones in the lawn are definitely wild!) were once an endangered species.


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