Sacred Threads

30 April 2015

I'm not a particularly spiritual person, and I do not have any religion, but when my blogging friend Sheila was juried into this show I was fascinated by the concept. 

This is a lovely explanatory video explaining how the entries are chosen.  How nice for a quilt to be entered on how well it speaks to people rather than the normal technical issues. 

For 2015, Sheila has two quilts that have been selected. Fascinated, I followed the links and found this little video of Vikki Pignatelli who founded Sacred Threads.

How many quilters must share this - judges pull something apart without 'getting' it. Jokingly I know lots of people refer to the 'quilt police' and I've never judged a quilt show, so might be a little unfair on the judges, but to me art should not be about the technicality but the way it speaks to you.

I think it's fine if sometimes all it says is "hey, I'm a rather lovely thing" - and it's also fine if, as the viewer, your response is also "hey, I agree. You cheer me up just because you're lovely to look at". But the real art is one which challenges a response. Hence my admiration for Annabel Rainbow

With regard to my own artistic journey, I'm not there yet. My own art is lovely to look at (well in my view - it adorns many of my walls. Gosh, that sounds very big headed, sorry) but it's still lacking that, and I'm struggling for the right word here, 'inner soul'. Does that make sense? 

So my quest has to be to continue for emotional response. 

Meanwhile, I've got an Open Studio looming! 


  1. Ooh, deep stuff Hilary! And I can identify with all of that!

  2. So glad you took the time to explore the website and discover what this particular exhibit is all about. No awards, no judging, just a safe place to share your deepest emotions expressed in fiber. Thanks for inbedding the videos too - I haven't watched them in a long time.

    Not sure if I agree with your assessment of where you are on your own creative journey. I'd say several of your handmade books do elicit an emotional response more than just what a lovely thing. But not many of us achieve the level of Annabel who is dealing with such important issues with such technical skill and design sense, I'd have to admit. She astounds me.

    1. Thanks Sheila. I will take that as a real complement - my good friend Rob says he thinks that handmade books are 'my thing' and maybe they are where my true soul is embedded. I hope to get one more in for the Open Studio. I've spent most of the weekend so far tidying and sorting. But I could crack I today and give it a real push.

      Wish I could get over and see this exhibition. Will you actually see it? Is it coming to a venue close enough for you?

    2. I've only done one open house where I put things on display and allowed the public into my studio. I know how stressful it is trying to get work finished up AND get your space ready. But it was worth it and I was glad I left a few "in progress" pieces lying about. People are always interested in process. Good luck with it all - we'll be anxiously awaiting your report and whether or not you elicit any emotional responses. :-)

      As for the Sacred Threads Exhibit - I don't think they have the traveling venues locked in yet. At least I can't find any list at this point and in the past I've noted that venues get added as time goes on. The last exhibit did get within about 6 hours of me and another year it was a little farther away but doable as I had friends in the area. Alas, life prevented me from getting to either of those. However, I do hope I get a chance to see this one and will make every effort if it makes it to my side of the States! I did note that they plan to publish a book of the exhibit so if nothing else, I will purchase that - next best thing to being there.


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