20 June 2015

I blame Jane! (Jane and Yvonne shared the Open Studio space with me).

She had a book describing how people could do collaborations.

She set up  the materials sharing (we all nominated a few bits and pieces to share with each other) and the rule was that we could bring in a little extra material if we needed to but basically to use what we had and create on A3 size.

Our booty of goodies.

This included: 

Pink bubble wrap
Yellow cellophane
A few little fabric hexagons
Some beads
Gold ribbon
A pink striped paper bag
A scrap of green dyed fabric
Some dictionary pages
A page of sheet music

But is was such a random booty of goods that it was a real challenge.

I started by collaging the dictionary and music pages onto stronger paper with matt medium (talking of which, I am running out - I feel a shopping spree coming on) and then applying powdered brusho inks in two blues. Then I spritzed with water.

Then I added Grunge paste through a stencil to give texture.  There is a grid forming in my mind.

Then, when dry, I added more small squares of some of the tissue papers (which I had supplied) and a decorated paper which Yvonne had supplied.  They have melted into the background as the matt medium brought out the translucency in them.

At this point I let it rest.  I should really have worked up some design ideas in a sketch book, but the pressure was on to try to get this finished while the Open Studio was on (though because of my Dad I did not have the time to work on it).

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