Explaining the radio silence ....

2 June 2015

I has been pretty full on of late - hence a bit of radio silence here.

Last minute fiddling and faddling about.

It is less than a week to go to the OS, and I am partly looking forward and partly very nervous.  It is weird - I feel timid about what I do and about 'putting my work out there' - but timidity is not my normal state.

Anyway, in no particular order an update from the studio.

As I mentioned in previous posts I have been doing some smaller pieces for sale at a more 'accessible' price point.

I needed to mount these for presentation.  I decided to use standard size mounts which can be easily obtained at places like 'The Range' (here in the UK).

I have created two separate ranges of the smaller pieces.

The first used a mono print, printed on tissue, hand coloured then simple machine embroidery all tied together with organza.

The shimmer is from the cellophane packaging. I did also add some hand beading. Not a great use of time for the price point for these, but it finishes them off.

The second group used painted papers, heart motifs and more embroidery.  I discussed these in the last post.  After letting them 'sit' I decided that trimmed and mounted they look ok - actually I rather like them.

Excuse the shine from the cellophane. I really do need to do a photography course!

Mounting and presenting these pieces took a fair amount of time!

And then I decided I wanted some greeting cards too.

Up cycling a few scraps of the painted papers.

And then finally I had to mount 'Alchemy'.  This has been sitting with the mount, but not all fixed down.  It has two layers - and the top layer was just laying there all loose and floppy.

This was another case of 'making it up as you go along'.  Luckily I had some small glue squares in my  glues 'stash' - and they proved to be the solution.

So now it just remains to tidy the space up, sort out the signage and hang all the work.  (tidying and cleaning is going to be a day in itself!)


  1. Yeah, not much left to do at all...grin!

    Those greeting cards are wonderful! I bet they fly out the door. I think the way you have finished off the other pieces works well too. I hear ya on the beadwork but truly, that little bid of added bead is what makes them.

    Best of luck if we don't hear from you again til after it's all over!

  2. What a pro! You seem to have it nailed (if not glued!) and looking good. Very impressed that you've worked out your various price points and how much work is justified for each - coz of course I do that every time for Art Trail ahem....and a frisson of nerves is probably inevitable, putting yourself "out there" - hope it all goes well!


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