Dennis Smith: 10th June 1930 - 3rd June 1915

23 June 2015

In the midst of the Open Studio we had my Dad's funeral.  I mention it here on this blog, because I think it is from my father that I get my artistic gene (if there is such a thing). He was a fabulous, if under achieving, artist himself.
 Sketch I did of Dad's sculpture, 'Fred and Mabel'.

Fred and Mabel in the garden in Kent. 

It was a lovely day - the sun shone and the tone of the event was just right.

Dementia is a cruel thing, so unfortunately he never really saw the artistic flourishing of my son and daughter - it had robbed him of his ability to appreciate the talent they too inherited from him and what they have been able to create.

The flowers we chose were simply stunning.


  1. Dementia is an appalling condition and robs everyone concerned of so much. I'm sure your Dad will have been aware of his grandchildren's artistic leanings as they were growing up. He will never be far away from you while you are creative. I'm glad the funeral was a comfort, it always helps if the sun shines. xx

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Glad you had sunshine.

  3. What a thing to wedge into the flurry and excitement of the open studios, but perhaps the timing wasn't so bad after all. I would like to think that at last, your dad is able now to see and appreciate what he has passed on to the next generations. And yes, what a stunning bouquet for his send-off. Hugs always...

    1. Sheila, thanks so much and wasn't that Bouquet just amazing? We asked for bright as it was a simple pine coffin and we got bright!!! Mid June delights! The flowers went to a local hospice afterwards.

      Personally, I am not convinced of any afterlife, but he has left his mark on the world. Which is great. I wonder of people will say of me 'she was an artist'. I hope so!

  4. Thanks to everyone for your comments. All in all it was a weird fortnight, but we did send Dad on his way in style!


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