12 September 2015

If you are wondering where I have been lately, I can tell you - to Italy.

If you have popped by here before you may know that Spain is my usual holiday destination, but this year we went to Northern Italy instead.

It was the first time that I have been there and I am sure I will be going back!

We started in La Spezia, a busy port about an hour north of Pisa.

Fishing boats and container ships.

And we ate ice cream!

And climbed the hill to the castle to see the view over the bay (to justify the ice cream!)

 And then we drove inland to a little village called Fosdinovo - and I kid you not, we stayed in that castle.

The B&B entrance was tucked around the back. 

But there was a grander entrance at the front.

The views from the roof were spectacular.

The village underneath the castle

and the sea beyond.

And spectacular sunsets enjoyed from the tower (with a glass of wine and an impromptu picnic supper).

The rooms were comfortable but not ostentatious. But they all contained little gems.

And the castle was also a museum, and at night we were just able to wander around. 

And spot the ghosts!

The slightly eccentric local shop provided for our picnic suppers (yes, he was hanging from the ceiling in the local shop!  He is aiming his bow and arrow at his twin!)

But we were not sure that the wrath of God had not been visited on the church 

as this spectacular crack was under the alter end!


  1. Hello, I am Nikhila from India. I came across your blog while just blog browsing. I love your work and your writing style. Its like having a conversation with you rather than just reading a post or an article.

    I am glad that I ran into your blog. Love to get connected. And I would love to see you in my blog, 'Reflections of a Tranquil Soul' too.

    Wishing you loads of fun. :)

    1. Hello there

      Sorry it has taken a little while to come back to you.

      Thank you for your lovely comments - do keep popping back.

      I have been over to your blog too. Very interesting.



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