Panic? Moi?

24 September 2015

I'm back from my holiday and, other than a brief excursion to London reported here, it's full on. The day job, which I don't really reference here at all, is sapping energy and head space, but I have to get a grip. 

For I have committed to participate in two events this coming winter - The Workshop Sale in London and a new two day event - The Workshop Sale in Portsmouth. 

I've reported on the workshop sale before - I've been helping Rob and Andy for years - but they've persuaded me to give it a go. 

So, I need to get some stock together. 

A session mono printing onto tissue paper ( here drying on a rack, hung up like washing) 

(It's not all going to make the cut!) 

Some printing on painted papers and sticking. 

Now waiting for stitch. 

Can't stop! Got to get a wriggle on if I am to get it all together for the dates!


  1. Those are very pretty leaf shapes!

    1. Thanks - a trusty old print block cut from foam. Bit of stitching and these are done. This weekend's job. I've got 6 weeks to get enough stock together. But I've never really done a sale before so it will be a good test of what people want and will buy. The open studio was great for testing people's reactions in general. It will be interesting.

  2. Love the background in that last one! Good luck getting it all together - nothing like a deadline or two to get one moving! You sound a bit calmer than when preparing for the open studio. Experience breeds confidence.

  3. Fantastic! But you've just lit a metaphorical rocket under my bottom, as I have a big exhibition before your first Portsmouth date, and I haven't even begun thinking let alone preparing work - so thank you!

    1. My time is so limited, hence the illusion of being organised and ahead of myself. It will all come together - eek!


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