I'm hanging in a gallery!

29 August 2015

Well, not me personally, you understand, but some of my work!

Now this is exciting.

So let me take you back a bit.

You remember the Open Studios?  Back in June?

And do you remember that I told you that a gallery had expressed interest?

Well, Vitreous Art at the Wakefield Estate between Towcester and Milton Keynes is now showing some of my work, so I popped over to have a look.

They have some stunning work on display.  I feel honoured.

They also do stained glass workshops - there was one running when I popped over which meant I was not able to go mad with the photos. It was full.  People were learning about Glass Fusing.

My work is next to some really established artists.

My photos don't really do it justice.  If you look at their gallery pages you can see better detail of some of the artists they stock.

Better still, pop up and have a look (if you are in the vicinity). The cafe next door does great tea and cake!


  1. Fantastic! They look great!

  2. How very nice for you. I was struck by how tightly packed the artwork is in your pictures - no wasted wall space there! And if you are sharing that space with well-established artist, that should tell you something about the quality & appeal of your own work. May this experience culminate in more sales!

  3. It's exciting and helps build confidence. They want work they think will sell - that's a real vote of confidence.

    Thanks for your lovely comments.


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