Production Line

4 October 2015

So, what have I been up to since we last had a chat?

Well those tissue papers have been laminated ( posh word for glued down) onto rag paper and additional colours have been applied (for the most part brusho inks). 

Old dictionary pages have been coloured and there's been a bit more sticking and sewing. 

Full on, but lots more to do. 


  1. These all look so exciting, are you stitching through the rag paper? I can't quite see from these photos where the stitching is, but I find I have to be careful how much stitching I do on rag paper, as it can become quite fragile. Mind you, I do tend to be quite heavy on the stitching! Looking forward to seeing what you do next with these.

    1. Yes - I stitch through the paper. In works such as these I tend to keep the stitching very simple with outlining only.

      In truth of the pics above only the bottom four have been stitched. It adds simple highlighting. Pressing on today and hoping to finish more of these. I tend to work in batches on each part of the process - the monoprinting, then the sticking, then the paper collage and finally the sewing. On some I also add hand beading. I ought to show you more of the finished articles I guess.

  2. Thanks and praise indeed coming from you, Mrs B!


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