Fabric Lamination Explained

9 October 2015

This is something I would love to try.

As I have reported here from time to time, the Bramble Patch is just up the road from me.  And from time to time they have run workshops on this topic.  But sadly, not lately.

So, I need to sit down and study this little video.

But it will have to wait, for just now I am a bit busy!

Meanwhile, you can enjoy it and if you use the technique be sure to let me know.


  1. The Committed to Cloth "Paper Lamination" book is really good and every step is clearly explained. I did a Paper lamination workshop at Festival of Quilts a few years ago, and we did exactly what was in the book.

    1. Hello Claire, and thanks for this. It looks as though this video was filmed at FOQ. Might you have been there?

  2. So many exciting things to try....and never enough time !

  3. I did a weekend course at Morley on this a few years ago - https://flextiles.wordpress.com/2011/11/07/bonding-fabric-and-paper/ - but I don't think they're running it this year. It was a really interesting technique.

  4. Oo - thanks for this Kim. I will have a look on their website, just incase.


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