Jeez - but I've been busy

29 October 2015

Not neglectful, you understand just busy, busy, busy!

As with all things when it is a toss up between writing the blog and being creative in other ways, something has to give and it is often the poor old blog that gets shoved down the "to do" list.

But, dear reader, it has been full on in the studio. (And also elsewhere in the day job, but I won't bore you with that here).

I told you that I had committed to doing the Workshop sale. But not just one Workshop sale but two, Portsmouth and London

Here is a sample of new work coming out of the studio - you cannot see it in any great detail here. All piled on the floor waiting for mounting. But trust me, there's mono print on tissue, rag paper, hand painting/inking and stitching all going on here. 

I know, from doing the sale a gazillion times with Rob and Andy, that the key is having a range price points. So this is something I'm aware of. You cannot see them here but I have some very small pieces.

I will report back with some better photos. 

I'm also experimenting with paper jewellery, but that's a whole blog post of its own!

Oh, and I forgot to mention the cushions! I had a commission for 10 cushion covers. Samples from various fabrics, including some amazing steiff teddy bear fabric (bright orange and not the easiest to sew - the fur kept getting in the way!)  But, no photos I am afraid and if I am honest I was not wholly happy with the zips. 


  1. Looks like a mountain of excellent work there, Hilary! Intrigued by the paper jewellery...

    1. Ha yes Iz. But will anyone like them?

      And the jewellery!!?? I've blogged about the start, but more will go up later this week and I am working out how to photograph the earnings!

      I am also beginning to wrestle with display! Deep joy!


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