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17 November 2015

Which is a ridiculous title for a blog post when you consider the quality of the photos below - but bear with, dear Reader, bear with!

The stakes are being well and truly upped when it comes to the Workshop Sale.

A quick glance at the website shows that some serious makers are going to be there this year - both at Portsmouth and the traditional site of East Dulwich, London.

So - no pressure then!

I'm done with the stock for now.

I stitched the necklaces and wrestled with some clasps!

I made the earrings! (that is one little pair lurking on the badly photographed earring stand)

By the way that stand is a defunct frame - I broke the glass by accident a while ago- with the board painted black and three leather 'strings' stretched across.

Now I just have to present a professional image - this first event is going to be in a professional gallery for goodness sake!

So, I found this gem in a junk shop!  A quick sand down and a coat of varnish and lo - a little shelf for the table.

And I found this!  Bargain!!!

I think it is a shoe stand, but I have a vision of it providing a stand for some of my prints.

And I also found some Ikea brackets in the same junk shop.  I am hoping that this slightly 'heath robinson' affair will suffice to support a couple of the mounted pictures.  I got drummed out of wood work at school, in case you are wondering!

But look - it worked!  At least it does on the lounge carpet!

Meantime, I had a wrestling match with Facebook!  I did not set out to do this, but I have created a 'Page'.  If you are on Facebook, do please like us, then at least my 2 1/2 hours won't have been completely wasted!


  1. Looks like things are coming along. So wonderful those finds for aiding you in display. When starting out, you really don't want to or can't afford "real" display furnishings unless you can snag them at a going out of business sale. These items you've found are still classy and will do the trick nicely.

    1. Oh yes - nice little earrings too!

    2. That is kind of you - especially as you can hardly see them!

      I am not going to have time to post any more pics before Saturday but I promise I will take loads on the day to show you more earrings etc.

  2. I like your ingenuity! Have joined the FB page as instructed. I take it you're at Pompy, may pop over if I have chance but a bit rammed with events over this way too! Good luck.

    1. Yes - I will be at Pompey. There Saturday and Sunday. You will find me lurking in the Aspex Gallery which is behind Loch Fynne in Gunwharf. Do come say hi if you do come across. It would be lovely to meet you.

  3. I think I've liked the page; something popped up and I clicked!

    Looking good - and I love the ingenuity of the display ideas! Crossing everything for you!

  4. Thanks Iz.

    I cannot take too much credit for the display ideas. I have been perusing Pinterest and it is amazing how much you can find there - lots of people have lots of good ideas. I just had to crib a few! The shoe rack was a real find though. £1.00!! Useless for shoes but brilliant for propping up prints. (though I will need to blue tack it down to the table I think as it is a bit lightweight).


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