More from the jewellery bench

12 November 2015

More from the Jewellery Bench.

These little pendants are leather and paper (yes - really but varnished rag paper so it doesn't feel or look like paper) on silver chains. 

Handmade paper beads with silver plate beads on coloured choker wires.

Mounted onto leather cord and awaiting machining.

Earrings are still on the work bench.


  1. Oh I like the orange & silver ones, & the paper beads ;)

  2. These are quite intriguing. The paper beads on the chokers are giving me ideas...

  3. Gosh, you're diversifying! Looking great.

  4. These are gorgeous, particularly the necklaces with the paper and silver beads.

  5. These look wonderful!
    What creative techniques x

  6. Nice post. thanks for the shared with us. heather grey fabric

  7. Thanks for the support. It is great to know that I might be making stuff that people would actually wear!!!


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