Back from her Christmas break

3 January 2016

Just when you think that the muse is off on an extended holiday, something comes along and 'kerpow', she's back with a vengeance! 

So there I was, just having a little late night browse around Facebook actually when I came across this. 

Now, I've been vaguely aware of Lou Gardiner for a little while. You know - she'd sort of seeped into my conciousness. 

But this has really fired me up again. Just look how she works on these pieces, how she uses freehand embroidery to make the work sing. And I love the technique of reverse embroidery and the way she transfers the design to the fabric. As well as being a visual feast, there are tricks and tips buried in here. 


  1. Enjoyed this while nibbling on lunch - it was not at all what I was expecting, not a how-to video at all but a peek into an artist's process and thinking. I loved the term she used to describe what most people just call thread painting, or I use thread like an artist uses paint. How did she put it - something like the needle punching this linear ink through the canvas - that truly describes it well. And calling the sewing machine a big mechanical pen, not a sewing machine at all. And then at the end, you get to witness her sheer joy at seeing her creations printed out to be used in different forms,the scarves so she can wear her art and see other people wear it. Ending with the thought so like one of the quotations in my recent post, "you can see that piece have a physical and mental effect on people - it's awesome." Yes it is! Thanks for sharing.

    1. You've hit it right on the nail! Yes - that insight into how the artist feels. I felt really inspired when I watched it.


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