Mixed success with the mono prints

25 January 2016

Well - there's a snappy blog title! 

But, as you can see from the photographs, not a wholly inaccurate one! 

There is a stack of cups in here somewhere (no prizes if you spot them!) but then again the photograph is on it's side. I have no idea why.  That's a tech problem.

The trusty leaf motive pops up again. It has been popular, hence using it again.

A new motif - inspired by Jonny Hannah. I am really pleased with this mono print - just the right amount of background noise I think.

Whereas this one the paint mix was too wet (another leaf motive but I agree  - difficult to spot!)

  More cups - really sorry you're having to turn the screen sideways to see this.

Probably the right amount of background noise on this one too.

Whereas this one?  Perhaps a bit faint!

 Another lighthouse

And whoops - you'll have to turn the screen right through 180 degrees to see this - or just take my word for it that it's the leaf motif again.

A bit of a mixed bag on the mono print front as you can see. I had great difficulty getting the consistency of the paint right. And despite using acrylic retarder (which might be going off as it did not mix too well. Can it even go off? Does it have a shelf life? Anyone know?) I had a right old ding dong with the printing plate.  I use tissue paper for the mono prints. You have to get a wriggle on - you cannot dilly dally as the paint dries and sometimes sticks the tissue to the plate. And that's what happened here.

The last batch I did (before christmas) was a great success and I had hardly any mishaps, but this lot was a right to do. So many sheets of tissue just stuck. And you cannot tug it! It's tissue! You can guess what happens.  I ended up washing quite a few dud prints off the plastic plate!

Still I have mounted all of these onto rag paper - some may be redeemable in the next stage.

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  1. I think they are all going to be a great success, some lovely textures amongst them all, and once you add stitch etc., they'll be transformed I'm sure.


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