Making stitched books - brilliant little instruction video

28 January 2016

If you pop by my little corner of blog land from time to time, you will know that I love a good handmade book.  Probably the most successful one I have made to date I did about a year ago - you can find the detailed blog post I created here.

They really are one of the most satisfying things that I ever make (note to self - do another one!)

Meanwhile, the lovely Jessica Sporn (over the pond) has also been dabbling. But she is much more organised that I am and does lovely 'how to' videos'.

Have a look at this one.  This could easily be a project to complete in a day or so (mine can be a bit epic!)


  1. I mean, just DO it, right? I know it was sped up but watching this made me realize just how much time I spend and perhaps waste pondering and thinking and afraid to take the first step, and then the next and when I do being oh so careful about it all. It's just paper and paint, for goodness sake, and I've got PLENTY of both! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have been thinking about making books, brilliant!
    thank you x


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