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8 March 2016

Ok, dear readers.

Lets do a little survey.

Who played with toy puppets when they were a child?

A little while ago, I found myself in Covent Garden. I was in London for the Day Job but took the opportunity to pop in to the National Gallery (I told you about that here) and then I cut through Covent Garden to the tube. And as I wove through the streets and the old market I came upon Benjamin Pollocks Toy Shop .

Now you might know that I am a bit of a fan of several living artists in the St Judes stable - including the lovely Mr Clive Hicks-Jenkins.

And he is a bit of a fan of Toy Theatres (and has, on several occasions reminded me of Pollocks) but he is also a maker of Toy Theatres - a modern take on the classic theatres you can find at Mr Pollocks.


The Dark Movements Toy Theatre by Clive Hicks-Jenkins.

So, with Mr HJ in mind I popped in.

And it is a joy! An absolute joy. 

And I bought this. 

Now, in case you were wondering, it is a 3 dimensional shadow box! (No - me neither!)

There are 4 card sheets, a 'Frostiana' paper doll and a background of the frozen Thames. 

I need scissors or a craft knife, good glue or tape and my 'creativity and imagination'! Well I've got a lot of that.

I think a bit of old fashioned colouring and pasting is called for. 

I'll crack on and come back to you when it is done. 

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  1. Count me as one who played with puppets as a child. Never for an audience tho. I mostly played by myself as my brothers were quite a bit older & we didn't live in a neighborhood with kids my age. Have fun with Frostiana!


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