Working into the altered map/book

26 March 2016

I have started working into my altered map/book.

As I mentioned here, I have recently started following DMTV.  And Linda suggests working with just one colour, or rather having a colour to dictate a theme. 

And because of the map, I chose Orange. 

I have in my mind the words:-
  • Change (I am changing a map, into a book, then into a sketchbook)
  • Conserve
  • Time - that is taking me down a path that I won't divulge here in case it comes to nothing
  • Journey
And from there I have other words suggesting images and them for a page. 
So - step one. Gather your bits and bobs.

Supplemented by some happy snipping from a couple of National Trust magazines - that seemed appropriate somehow. 

And, as per Linda's suggestions, I did a bit of research to give me some themes. 

Butterflies - Orange Tip, Brimstone (I have no idea what either looks like but they 'sound' orange)

 I managed to stitch that ribbon down on by turning the book round. In truth, if you are going to stitch into a sketch book it is easier to remove the pages and then reassemble. But I had only just put the thing together.

I am using inks from a little palette here (they are not colour fast when they get wet again) inktense pencils, which are, and wax crayons for the resist.

I am trying a bit of sketching and painting.

And of course, cutting and pasting.

We will see where this all takes us (ha - a 'journey' but no pun intended!) 


  1. Very impressive ... loving the colour choice ... such a good idea to layer up and working into x

    1. Thanks. And I see you're a MK gal! Are you based in Arts Central?

  2. Love the way your butterflies 'sound' orange! The book is looking great, as is the ability to go back later & add more layers. Have you got their book 'the Painted Quilt'? I taught myself to mono print from that book when a class was cancelled.

    1. I had it! I also had Angie Hughes book. Somewhere along the way me and they parted company. Think I need to get onto Amazon!

  3. Very exciting, I love your idea of the map and the journey theme, and the colours are gorgeous too.

  4. This looks gorgeous. I too have lots of OS maps (my Dad was a surveyor for them) I would love to have a go at doing this myself. Might need lessons though!


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