True Blue encore

6 March 2016

I told you that a couple of weeks ago we did a bit of Indigo dyeing. 

Well Yvonne had a few little knotted cotton mats (coasters really - I cannot think what else they might have been used for.)

They took the indigo very well. 

And ended up on a card! 

A few stitched flower motifs - stitched onto painted papers. 

Also destined for cards. 

Meanwhile - Just sticking with Blue is proving impossible! Red is creeping in as an accent colour.

This trusty motif crops up time and again. 

It started life as a collograph plate - I still have it somewhere! And I made some very simple but effective prints using inks and candle wax as a resist. 

The original sketch was from grass seed picked from the patio. I must have done this about 6 years ago I think. 

And this last one is the only one where I stuck faithfully just to the blue.

Working in one colour has been a challenge!

And here is what it was all in aid of.  Our stand outside John Lewis at the Handmade and Vintage Show in Central Milton Keynes.

The 'Blue' made a real impact. There was nothing else there quite like it.

Not all the work is mine. I shared with the Mix3d Stich girls Yvonne and Jane and we had an extra Jane join us for the event.


  1. Red has a mind of its own, I find. It creeps into all sorts of things unexpectedly and uninvited ... It was even there with black and white the other day when I was trying out one or two new ideas ...

  2. The stall looks wonderful! I hope you had a successful time.

  3. Ooo - the booth IS impressive! Love your stacked cups and yes, I can see how it would be hard not to add a splash of another color.


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