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10 April 2016

If you saw my last entry you will know that things have not been quite going to plan lately. 

But I have managed to grab a bit of time in the studio. 

Not only the small matter of a dog collision, but three dogs is hard work. And I have to keep washing the kitchen floor. They don't wipe their paws when they come in. 

Anyway, a bit of work into the 'Orange' map/sketch book. 

"Oranges and Lemons"! 

In this case some mono printed tissue paper laminated over the original map, with bells drawn in (the bottom two adding water after the drawing, the top one is 'dry')

And here adding some Penhaligons tissue paper into an altered book I have been working on for a while. I am using Daler Rowney matt medium to stick this tissue paper in. It sticks well and by using a paper folder to ensure it it well tucked into the spine of the book, it provides a smooth and workable finish. 

And not just Penhaligons tissue paper, but also some painted tissue that has been hanging around for a while. (gold above, red below).


  1. I'm very interested to see what you're doing in your map book, you've given me some ideas try in my next one, I especially like the collaged tissue idea. My neighbour has just given me a lot more maps so I will be busy stitching and binding very soon! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your book as it develops. Hope the dogs are behaving themselves now!

    1. Valerie - well, it's coming along, though I don't actually like the pages very much. But it's an ideas book and I guess you don't have to like all your ideas.

      One thing, if you double up the paper as I did I suggest you stick it together. I just stitches it and then when it gets wet the paper wrinkles in a different way distorting the pages somewhat.

      But I love the concept and will definitely do another one.

  2. I just love working with layers. your work is beautiful x

  3. I love the rich colour of the painted tissue paper - especially that red one with its random marks - lovely!

    1. Thanks also for the pointer about Daler Rowney matt medium. I have an idea and that could be most useful ... I will add it to my list of desirable materials, which grows by the day through too much internet browsing!

    2. Not all Matt mediums stick well, it's all a bit trial and error and recommendation. Hilary Beattie uses a different one and I think she has it in her on line shop. Hers seems to work well too.

  4. I think you could save the kitchen floor to do all at one go rather than doing it again and again. Less stress. Or at least if you aren't a housework person!
    On the other hand, you perhaps you could do a monoprint of the floor? ;-)
    Sandy in Bracknell


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