It's been one of those days .....

3 April 2016

You know the sort of day.

You get up in the morning, the sun is beginning to peep through, that first cup of coffee tastes just fabulous, the early morning treat of almond cantuccini biscuits tastes glorious and sets you up for the day.

And then - wham!

It all goes, as they say, belly up!

Or in my case 'shoulder' up!

I should explain!

If you have dipped into this blog for a while you may have met my dog - Gazza (also known as Gascoigne, Asbo dog etc.) He is now an old boy - 13 1/2 and if I am honest, beginning to slow down.

Well son No 1 also has a dog. Pigeon the Whippet. You will have met him before from time to time as well. 

And Daughter No 1 also has dogs! She has 2 dogs. Koda and Lola. They too have featured before. 

That's Koda in the front (big ginger boy) and Lola in Andy's arms. Small, cute etc. etc. 

Well, for reasons too complicated to go into here, I am dog sitting Koda and Pigeon at the same time. (Lola has booked herself into another doggy hotel!)

And, well, Koda and Pigeon had a collision! And, to be blunt, Pigeon came off worst! 

Much worst! 

So much worst it involved a trip to the vet! And stitches! And stress!!

He has a spectacular shoulder injury!

And now my bank balance is considerably lighter, Pigeon is sporting a horrendous injury and my nerves are frazzled! 

As you can imaging, not much time in the studio! 

I cleaned the oven instead! 


  1. Glad all the frustration was taken out on the cooker 🐕🐕

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I think cleaning the cooker would have made me even MORE tense!

    Oh my!!! Oh my oh my oh my! I hope all concerned recover quickly!

    1. So do I!!! He seems fine about the stitches but the bruising is something else. I am a bit worried that it's a bit infected too. We are back at the vets Thursday to see how it's all going.

  4. Oh dear :-( I hope you have a better week. I don't think anything would have persuaded me to clean the oven! We know a man who can and does at Ovenu.

    1. In times of stress keep busy, but busy that doesn't involve any brain power! That's always been my way to get through. When my dad died last year I went mad with the housework.

  5. Lordy! I know from past experience, multiple dogs can cause chaos, multiple dogs from different families even more so. But wow - this is worse than I would have dreamed. Cleaning the oven must have felt quite safe by comparison. ;-)

  6. Ooops, my sympathies!! At least all is ok.....for now. thanks for your kind comment on my blog, I WILL keep blogging ;)

  7. Oh poor Pigeon! Our vet warned us that whippets make good customers...Must be something in the ether; I cleaned my oven on Sunday too!


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