On the move (again)

12 April 2016

It has been two years!

Two years since we moved into this 'home from home'.

And now I have to move again. And, truth be told, it is unsettling.  This was confirmed at the beginning of March and it did rather knock me sideways a bit!

It's been a blast here. I have my own space and when colleagues stay I can tuck myself away, I have access to the countryside (though to be truthful the dog walks are not so good as my last place), we were able to dip our toes into the open studios last year and I have a house with 2 staircases!

And the relevance of 2 staircases?

When I was a child I always found the idea of a house with 2 staircases somehow quite magical and always wanted to live in one.

And, well it occurred to me that my wish has come true.

Ok not my actual 'home' - but my home from home and I reckon that's good enough. That's one to tick off the Bucket List!

And as well as herding three dogs I have also started to gradually pack up.  I managed to get rid of one bed and take several boxes of books to Charity.

But this uncertainty is not good for creativity.

We have found somewhere else - not quite as amazing a house as this one, but at least I still have space for a studio.

So, it will be goodbye Winslow and Hello Milton Keynes.

When I am in photos will follow.


  1. So sorry to hear that you have to move. Moving can be such a distraction to creativity, but at least you'll have studio space in your new home.

    1. Frankly, that requirement was top of the list!!!

      More packing ( sigh) but I guess new adventures to look forward to.

  2. Sorry to hear everything is unsettled. I hope you find things about your new place that takes away that feeling.
    Sandy in Bracknell

    1. I'm sure once in and pictures are hanging on the wall it will feel fine. It's just this ghastly in between phase.

  3. We looked at a house in Winslow. I thought it was a really nice town so I can understand your reluctance to leave. As for MK - I worked there for six years but I fear it doesn't really grow on you. We ended up in South Northants and a life of commuting so I don't think you can win. Good luc with the move.

    1. Winslow is a very nice little town but the dog walks around are very restricted and there is lots of building work.

      I've been working in MK for 13 years now. For many years I hated it, but lately I have mellowed. A particular joy is the linear park that runs through the middle.

      So we will see, but South Northants is my favourite place to be. I have some lovely walks around there. Think it is most beautiful.

  4. Oh bother. Well at least it sounds like you found another place more quickly than the last time. But yes, what a lot of disruption with time sucked up in the packing & unpacking. Working in the journals must provide some comfort.


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