A sunny afternoon in Southsea

14 May 2016

In my last post I mentioned how I had to drop everything and head home to the South Coast.

It wasn't all bad.  I took the opportunity to mooch around Southsea with Daughter No 1 in the glorious sunshine that suddenly descended on Blighty.

And we found the most fabulous coffee shop - Home Coffee. It is tiny and tucked in beside the Theatre on the Albert Road. (and I think they may be opening a new one in Cosham too!)

Here is a map of the Albert Road by Floramora of Southsea - a lovely mixed media artist based down there. Can you spot Home Coffee?

What is so fab?

Well they are dog friendly! So we ordered two coffees and two cakes and as well as our refreshments they brought fresh water and Gravy Bones for the dogs! (we had two dogs with us!). That ticks so many boxes for me!

And they have a tiny but such a pretty little garden with lots of up-cycling.

And they are vegan friendly - which ticks all the boxes for Daughter No 1.

And then we went to peer at the new artists spaces being created at the Hotwalls

There is a bit more about it here too. I am pretty certain that the lovely Emma Nicol has bagged herself one of the studios. 

It is going to be fabulous. Portsmouth has been lacking a bit of creative oomph!  Well it has been there, just hidden!  Now it will be easy to access. I am really quite excited for my home town. 

The door of Portsmouth Cathedral - just round the corner from the new Hotwalls galleries and studios. 


  1. The Cathedral door is just beautiful. I hope you don't have to go up and down to the south coast too much more so you can get organised at your new home.

  2. Oo! Looks like such a fab place xxx

  3. Sounds lovely. And if the art and setting out of water for the dogs tics off boxes for you, then you'd love visiting my little town. It is most dog and artist friendly. :-)


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