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12 May 2016

Dear Reader - my very sincere apologies for the radio silence.

I moved house!

And with it studio.

And said studio is still somewhat in boxes and bags, which is all a bit frustrating!

First of all it was putting things into the boxes in the first place - and what a chore that was. I seem to have accumulated so much over the last two years. Stuff had to be edited out. Probably more than I actually managed to achieve. I seem to have an awful lot of art stuff.

And then it is the chore of getting things out again at the other end - finding new homes for things.

Understandably I have not given priority to the studio. The kitchen came first, closely followed by my bedroom and then my work clothes. A girl has to have priorities, and sadly those priorities aren't always the ones we would choose.

But we did manage to hang some art on the living and dining room walls, and indeed in my bedroom.

And then we had the great fun of deciding which of my vintage american quilts should go into which of the guest bedrooms.

The dusky pink curtains were already here, and that quilt goes beautifully don't you think? (Acquired some years ago by Son No 1 on a trip to San Francisco)

By 'we' I mean my lovely friends Rob and Andy, they of the china business. They spent two days with me, unpacking boxes, brewing tea and generally keeping me going. Although it was a chore, I have to say that it was such fun. They are such good company.

And then we had a leak!

I have to say that I did not envisage buckets during my first week.

It turns out we have dodgy taps in the ensuite. Said taps are fixed and no longer leaking, but we might need new taps (or even a new ensuite if the taps prove impossible to reach!) It is a rented house. I am not getting too excited either way. So long as they no longer leak!

And then it all rather ground to a halt! There was a family crisis at home (for this moving lark is at my 'home from home') and I had to drop everything and rush down to Portsmouth.  I have got to do the same thing this weekend, so progress has gone painfully slowly and I still have boxes and boxes to see to and also, sadly, no new creative work to share with you.

But I am getting there!


  1. Moving is the pits, but if you take it one day at a time it won't be so overwhelming. Hope you have your studio unpacked soon!

  2. You just can't do everything, all at the same time. You're right, some priorities are chosen for us but you'll get there with your determination! Great papers again in your last post ;)

  3. Of course we missed you! But of course we also understand. Oh, nothing like a leak to disrupt things. Can you imagine, I had a waterline in the furnace room burst just days after moving into a new rental. I could tell the landlord thought I was a flighty female when I called in a panic and balked as he tried to direct me to a shutoff valve (which meant diving under the spray of water to reach it). It was quite gratifying to watch his eyes widen when he arrived and saw what had happened. Said he'd never seen that kind of fail on new construction before, and neither had the plumber he called out to fix it. He was very helpful though in sopping up water and helping me move boxes out of harms way. But yes, that really set back my unpacking!

  4. I hate moving and plan never to do it again. Though if you haven't downsized it makes life far simpler...... Does the landlord have to take responsibility for the leaks and any damage caused? (wish I had a landlord when one of our bathrooms sprang a leak....)

    1. Yes Sally, he does. But honestly I'd have got the plumber out here quicker.

      Sorted but it's a bit of a bodge. We really need new taps and I don't think that's going to happen any time soon.

      We also have water staining on the walls and ceiling. I could paint that myself, but we use the house for surveyor training and it will give them something to ponder. And who walks around looking at the ceiling?


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