Order is beginning to emerge from under the boxes

27 May 2016

Progress had been swift and dynamic.

The move started off so well. We were fairly cantering along ( in the sense that boxes were evaporating before my very eyes, or so it seemed.)

But then, for a number of reasons I won't go into here, it all rather ground to a bit of a halt.  

But I have woken up this morning refreshed after a good nights sleep ( and a delicious Chinese meal) And the birds are singing and the sun is shining (literally, though that does all sound a bit "la la la"!) and wandered into my studio. 

And it's nearly ready to use. It's almost emerged from under the chaos - and I'm itching to get in there and make some new work.  ( Yes I know the tool box is still on the table, along with other detritus, but mere details, dear reader, mere details!)

And just to spur me on two older pieces heavily quilted and then painted. 

Both originally designed as cushion covers. The bottom one is a bit 'meh' but that top one sings out (and it's the photo that is slightly on the squiff, not the quilt). It was a scrap of silk, coloured with fabric paints (on damp fabric so they 'ran', but not too much) quilted and then the hearts were hand painted. 

I think I will frame that one for the upcoming Open Studios. 


  1. Well wouldn't you know, the "meh" one sang to me more than the other one. :-) Either will look great framed.

    Good job on the settling in. The studio does look at a point where you could work around what's not totally where it should be. Must make you feel better.

    1. That's funny Sheila! It's obviously a colour thing.

      In that case you're right - I should use them both!

  2. That looks a good space to create in and I'm with Idaho Beauty, I like the second quilt too.


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