Bucks Open Studios 2016

11 June 2016

And we are ready to go!  Ready to welcome the admiring crowds. 

Last year I hosted our first venture into Open Studios  -and we had a blast

This year Mix3d Stitch (that is myself and textile friends Jane and Yvonne) had to think on our feet and at speed because there was no guarantee that I would be in the same house. And, if you read this blog regularly, you will know that much of this year has been taken up with moving house and boxes! 

So, Jane is a lady of many contacts. She is a very big wig at Arts Central and in turn runs the gallery space at Christ the Cornerstone, the big ecumenical church in the centre of MK.

So, we booked out the Gallery for BOS - and because the gallery is on two floors we then found 6 other MK artists to share the space. And two days of hard work (my feet are sore, and we had to clean and titivate etc.) we opened the doors last night. 

My work is predominantly on the ground floor. 

 The walls of the gallery are curved around the central church space. Lots of natural light and shelves to hold smaller works.

Hanging on a curved wall can be a bit of a challenge. Abscission I - on the left in the picture below - fell off during the hanging process. Emergency reframing required!

And down stairs we have space for Jane's monster of a quilt - the New Bradwell Quilt which she completed with the children of New Bradwell School in 2013 to celebrate it's centenary.

The kids each did a panel. It is a joy and so nice to see it getting another outing. 

Upstairs is a little section for some of my jewellery and cards. Filling a little hole and looking rather lovely. 

The other artist hanging downstairs is Jane Rhodes - she is a painter.

Upstairs Yvonne is showing her beautiful stitched landscapes and silk paintings.

And a cabinet full of little treasures.

And a shelf full of stitched wonders.

And Jane Sharp has hung her amazing batiks.

And Jane Charles her experimental stitched pieces. 

And we have been joined by Lily Glover Wright - another painter

Elaine McKenzie and her amazing characters

And Nicola Saunderson's graphic illustrations

Do pop in if you are in the area. We are in central MK opposite Marks and Spencer. 

Someone will be manning the gallery Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am and Wednesday afternoons. But the gallery will be open on other days - actually when ever the church is open - so do pop in to have a browse. 


  1. That ll looks terrific. Hope you have a successful show and sorry I can't get over to see it.

  2. I am SO impressed. Your work looks wonderful and so does everyone else's. You've made good use of the space which is unusual and delightful (if not challenging for the installers!). Hope you get lots of visitors and sales.

  3. What a great selection of work! Variety certainly does pull them in.

  4. The exhibition is fabulous Hilary. I popped in on Saturday morning...... to have missed you. All your amazing artwork looked so gorgeous hanging in the gallery of the church....such a brilliant venue for you to showcase your work. X

  5. what a lovely mix of work you have there Hilary, I wish you all a huge success with lots of lovely sales.


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