I've unpacked my mojo

15 June 2016

I think it had been lurking in a box!

In truth, this whole moving malarkey combined with 'stuff' going on in my world meant that for the last few months I have not really done much new work.

I was fiddling and faddling - but nothing really new.

But hanging the show for Open Studios has been a real tonic.

And I rushed home, dug through a few folders (for papers) and boxes (for sheers).

These background papers I created a few weeks ago.  This blue uses gesso through a stencil to give a bit of textile then paint brayered on to give colour.

This red is neo colour wax crayon on old maps with Brusho inks.

The decorations are coloured scraps of book pages (Brusho Ink) and scraps of chocolate foils from my foils box.

Orange sheer played on top to tie it together and then out came the sewing machine.

An orange and blue thread for the blue background.

An orange and red for the pinkish red background.

Little pieces ready to frame (maybe a few beads to be added - not quite sure yet)

And what is important about this?

  • If you have lost your mojo it is still worth making materials that you can access later 
  • Try and get organised (ha - hark at me! But moving house made me get my papers in order which made them easy to access when the muse finally struck)
  • Go to exhibitions and learn new techniques - that can fire up the creative pistons
  • Look closely at what you have already created - thinking 'I did that!' is a great way to unlock the feeling 'And I can do it again!'


  1. My my my - I DO like what adding stitch did for these pieces that were already pretty darn good. Welcome back!

  2. It was lovely to see your work again at the Open Studio last Friday. So glad you've rediscovered your creative energy.


  3. looking great, need to get me a blog post sorted, thanks for inspiring me ;)

  4. Love what happened when you added that orange sheer! So glad you found your mojo.


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