Summer barbecue

14 August 2016

Because we all need a break from the studio ( and indeed the office and the day job!) 

And it's a fab way to relax with friends. 

I had a call from my darling boys. Hills, they said, get yourself down here for the weekend because we are firing up the barbecue. 

And if course, being Rob and Andy, the salads were a work of art in them selves. 

Those are home grown beetroot. Not the vivid red variety but a subtler pink version and sweet, sweet, sweet. And the salad was sliced oranges, sliced beetroot and walnuts glazes with honey. 

Oh my days!!! 

And the garden looked magnificent. 

The geranium above I think came from a cutting but is now a huge beast and fills a large pot. Rob has a green house and has more success at overwintering these things than I do. I lost all of mine last winter - poor plant husbandry! 

And the borders are choc with flowers from seed that came from a collection called the Venetian Collection. This photo does not do them justice! And I was too busy eating to take many photos. 

And this beast was dominating the patio.

Meanwhile, back in the studio and just to prove some creative stuff is going on, a new set of handmade stamp blocks for a new project, "Transformation".


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