The Fate of Constance - or midnight web wanderings

8 October 2016

It has been a little while since I have been gripped by the nuisance that is insomnia. It's blooming frustrating I can tell you, especially when you're laying there getting more and more frustrated by the fact that sleep eludes you and all you can hear is the gentle snoring of your two canine companions!

All the more frustrating since it had been a busy day.  

We had two great dog walks ( an adventure in itself since one of my wayward hounds is wearing the 'cone of shame' due to a skin injury, but blunders around as though she isn't wearing a cone at all. Consequently shins, the backs of legs and any loose debris are not safe! The loose debris? Well she rather uses her cone as a shovel - collecting all in her path!), we tackled some overgrown ivy at the back of the garden and some self seeded ash trees ( lovely things but in the wrong place), we went to the gallery and did a bit of housework (the fabric swags are stunning but we haven't quite mastered the knack of keeping them permanently adhered to the ceiling) and I got back into the studio after the final push to finish my pieces for "Transformation".

I had a lovely hour or so playing with my sketchbook.

An older page - one with potential I think!

Another older page - this did become a series of stitched mono prints. They hang on my living room wall.

And a bit of new play.

A map page under painted tissue. You cannot see the map - that did not quite work - but that is the point of sketchbooks.

Ink drawing very much of the style of Alisa Burke. Not really me, but I quite like the effect. 

So theoretically I should have been on my knees ( well I was actually) but 41/2 hours sleep isn't what I was expecting.

Oh well! 

But - and it has been a while - there is no point wasting time so a little meander around the web to share with you. 

And I found this. What a brilliant cobweb! I have never come across Karen Lane before. It has been a while since I have done any stitching and burning with lutrador. I need to set a session aside to get a stash of these textures together. 

So, with Halloween approaching I thought you might appreciate this cobweb.


  1. Hi Hilary. I have just discovered your blog after you posted a link to mine. I just wanted to say many thanks for showcasing my Fate of Constance and for alerting me to your work, which is wonderful! You've just got yourself another follower. Look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

    1. Well hello there Karen. Posting can be a bit sporadic but lovely to meet you.

  2. Love your sketchbook, hope you get a good nights sleep soon chuck x


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