Birthday cards and sketchbook pages

22 October 2016

I needed a birthday card in a hurry. 

So I assembled two cards using materials in my stash. The one on the left used a snippet of old map. The one on the right used paper textured with gesso and coloured with paints and inks. 

I used 'ribbon' made from snippets of fine fabrics sandwiched between dis-solvable fabric and machine stitched. 

And I have added colour using Inktense pencils to that sketch book page. I don't think I've showed you that. 

Quite pleased with the effect. I'm seriously tempted to get a couple of sketchbook pages printed up into some fabric. However, they aren't repeat patterns. Have you ever tried that? If so, how successful was it?


  1. Lovely to see you work. it is always an inspiration. :))

    1. Why thank you. Very kind and reaffirming of you to say so.


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