Handprinted, Bognor and Lisa Hooper

18 December 2016

Here in Blighty there is a very useful supplier of materials and general goodies for all things printmaking, including Gelli plates.

They also have a lovely website.

Based outside Bognor Regis (which is such a wonderful name for a place - and infamous for where King George the V is reported to have said "Bugger Bogner" shortly before his demise) Handprinted is run by a textile artist. So what's not to like!

Anyway, they also run a blog and recently featured the work of Lisa Hooper.

Now I love prints and was particularly taken with the work of this artist, previously unknown to me. And just look at that printing press!

Pop over to Handprinted to have a look at their goodies and also the Blog about Lisa Hooper. 


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