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21 December 2016

Christmas is sneaking up on me. As always, December slides past me in a complete rush, and all my best intentions to be on top of everything fall by the wayside.

And this year it's tough to feel Christmassy with all the horrendous things going on in the world and the whole looming Brexit mess and the next incumbent of The White House. But hibernation for a decade isn't an option so here's an idea for some quick and effective gift tags for you. 

I used bought heart shape tags. Pre cut with a small hole and made of white card. I got mine in Hobbycraft. (They do other shapes too)


No great design input - I scribbled over the tags with neo colour water resistant crayons then sprinkled on faithful Brusho inks. 

Spritz with water then leave to dry. 

And then paint with Fresco Paint Metallic Glaze ( paint on very lightly - Brusho will run again if it gets wet so you want to quickly and gently just coat the tags to avoid to much re- activation). 

And you have yourself a rather classy tag. I used blues but of course this would be fab with more seasonal reds and glitter! 

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