Lampshade making tutorial

15 December 2016

In my post about lampshades here, I said I would share a lampshade making tutorial with you.

I could have done this myself, but I am not geared up for filming (lots of artists are and I admire them, but my own films are a bit, well amateurish! And there are some great tutorials out there. 

I got my supplies from Dannells - they have fantastic kits to get you started and also the component parts once you get going. And the very best double sided tape I have ever come across. 

Here is their instruction video for a basic drum lampshade. 

Of course this uses a commercially available fabric. Which is absolutely fine. But the basic principle of making a lampshade offers lots of possibilities, such as:

  • Embroidered fabrics or papers (as I did)
  • Hand printed fabrics (I know that Miesje Chafer in Eastleigh has made lampshades from her own printed fabrics, but there is nothing on her website - still worth a look though) 
  • Use some sketch book designs and get them printed onto fabric. If you are in the UK then Laura Kemshall offers a fabric printing service
  • You could experiment with patchwork but I suggest experimenting a bit and shining light through the fabric as the seams will show when the light is turned on and might not give you the effect you want.

Happy lampshade making.


  1. Thank you for the links Hilary. I've got 3 lampshade kits waiting to be made up having seen all the beautiful shades out there and have never got round to it. I love Maria Lunt's lampshades and keep thinking I'd like to do one of her workshops. Maybe now I'll have a go at the kits. I loved how you made yours with the maps.

    1. Julie - go for it. The video implies they are a bit fiddly but once you get into the swing of it you'll find it quite straight forward. One thing, if you use fabric allow a little bit extra at the top and bottom of the fabric by the seam ( appx an Astra 5 MM. depth ) as it makes the overlap a bit neater. It's not shown on this video so hope that makes sense.

  2. Thanks for that link Hilary. I've got two very tatty looking lampshades that cold do with replacing, but I've been horrified at the cost of the ones I would like! Time to get out some of my hand dyes I think.

    1. Give it a go. Not tricky really! Let us know how you get on.

  3. Hi, I am in the process of gathering the materials to recover a big tapered lampshade in one of Laura Ashley's tweed type fabrics which I love. (I know a drum shade would be much easier to do!) BUT I am unable to find anywhere that can instruct me on how to cut the fabric properly so the stripes etc actually meeting at the seam and not running in a completely different direction - any ideas?
    Kind regards

    1. Hello - have a look on the Needcraft Website. You might have to dig around to find more videos. Alternatively, try Youtube.

      That said, if you have a tapered shape but have a tweed fabric I think you will find it a bit tricky. The shape will be 'curved' where as a tweed fabric will have a very geometric pattern. But have a look. Let me know how you get on.



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