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10 April 2017

Hello dear reader.

So how is the daily art practice going?


As I mentioned before, I have been very disciplined of late and have been keeping a simple little sketchbook.  


I confess, I don't always get a page filled in.  Just lately I have been so tired at the end of the day just crawling into bed has been enough. (The reason for this is the day job, its a bit pressured just now, and my poor old dog getting me up in the middle of the night).

But I still cannot highly recommend enough the idea of having a few simple art ingredients to hand and, if nothing else, just sploshing on a bit of colour that might inspire you at a later date.

And a sketchbook can be so very satisfying.

Hilary Beattie recently shared this little sketch book - not one of hers, but completed by a friend of hers. And it is so lovely I just had to share it with you too.

Grab yourself a cuppa and perhaps a cheeky little biscuit and settle down and enjoy this flick through.

Hilary Beattie has been very active on YouTube lately. She shares a lot of her techniques and they can be very inspirational.

You will find her channel here.  Pop over and have a look.


  1. Well, this video is rather timely. I just purchased a bullet journal with the idea to use it to work out ideas and jot down thoughts about water for my water series. She is so right about this kind of "play" helps get ideas out of your head into someplace safe while sparking additional ideas so that by the time you are ready to actually make something, your head is a bit more clear and focused and you've done a bit of exploring of options to really hone things down. I'm finding that happening as I work on the leaf cluster series, finally jotting some things down in a big sketchbook I don't use often but has been my place for working on various ideas from time to time. The more I jot down, the more I have to jot down, and now I am ready to start printing!

    Love the diagonal lines in the background of your second sketchbook page, btw.

    1. I do love my book. Some pages are more successful than others, but the whole thing is rather pleasurable. And when I draw I do find myself thinking about how the marks might work at stitch.

  2. It's definitely the best way to have your materials at the ready! Love your sketches x

  3. Wonderful book, I do enjoy receiving HB's videos in my inbox ;) You inspire me to get going in my dusty sketchbook x

  4. Managing some art work everyday (be that in a sketchbook or not) is not an easy task when the day job gets in the way. I don't have one of those any more but even now I find some days that life or may mindset gets in the way. These are lovely - good luck as you continue with the project.


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