Visit to the Bramble Patch

13 April 2017

Hilary Beattie runs a workshop called Sanctuary, and I was reminded of this on a recent Saturday when I popped up to The Bramble Patch, at Weedon in Northamptonshire.

This is because the Bramble Patch was, for a few years, my sanctuary - my happy place. But I really don't do much quilting now and I'm as likely to be found sourcing my materials in a Charity shop, so my visits to quilting shops are few and far between. On top of that they tend not to host the workshops I want to do. 

So, for all those reasons it had been a few months since my last visit. And in those few months there had been a few changes. 

First of all they've built a beautiful new conservatory on the front and made a tea room. 

And look, you know you're in a quilt shop. Quilts hanging over the back of all the chairs. 

And they sell cake ( I had delicious walnut cake on my visit). 

Oh, but it's also a fabulous fabric shop. Possibly the best quilting fabric shop I have been to.

Now I could have gone a bit mad on the fabric front. But I was very self restrained and simply bought a few spools of thread, some more pins and some plain black cotton that I want to use to edge a quilt. ( Which I will tell you about when it's done.) 

But if you're in the area do pop in. 

The Bramble Patch is in a village called Weedon, about 15 miles north of Milton Keynes and west of Northampton. It's not too far off the M1 so if your on a journey you can easily slip in a little detour. 

Do go! Great for fabric addicts - and did I mention the cake? 

( By the way, I forgot my camera so these photos are from their website. But it really did look just like this!) 


  1. Seems we're both off the quilting scene somewhat Hilary as I'm now weaving mostly. Our sewing group went to the Bramble Patch before Christmas and it is just as you describe. It was my first visit and I was impressed by the range of fabrics they stock including some beautiful linen mixes. If the fabric weren't enough the cake is a definite draw. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

  2. I used to live ten minutes's drive from Bramble Patch. I did some great workshops there and was able to get to the shop very easily. We moved to Cornwall eleven years ago and then I used the on-line shopping facility. I am another one who is hardly doing any quilting now (see my blog) partly due to disability. But I would thank Bramble Patch very much for all I learnt during my time in Northants. It is a great place.

    1. It set me on my artistic journey too. I love it. And I have a lot to be thankful for.


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