Sketchbooks - the practice continues

22 April 2017

I cannot promise it is daily, but the practice does continue. 

Not rocket science, just the idea of having a handy, easy to reach bag with a few very simple supplies. 

Not all the pages have been successful. 

But it's a sketch book, not a work of art. Lets not beat ourselves up. 

Some pages stay a bit underdone for a while - just a sposh of colour while waiting for a kettle to boil. 

But then they lead onto better things. 

They can languish for a few days! But, as I said, let's not beat ourselves up! 


  1. Lovely to see the sketchbook practice is continuing, and with delightful results. There's one photo missing at the moment (and it's a tease, because it's the one promising the lead on to better things!). Will pop back another time and hope to catch it.
    Alison x

    1. Has the missing photo appeared yet? I can see it so that's a bit of a mystery.

  2. My, you have a way with flowers - those first two are gorgeous! You are keeping the perfect mindset as you use this Sketchbook practce. I'm sure you are learning a lot.


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