Honeybuns and Sewing Bees Patchwork Shop

12 July 2017

In my last post I showed you round my friends lovely Hampshire garden.

They live in Alverstoke - once a seaside village on the Hampshire coast (right opposite the Isle of Wight) but now it is rather subsumed into Gosport.

But Alverstoke does have a little village centre with a handful of little village shops. And though I was dog sitting and supposed to be working in the studio, the sun was shining and I thought I would have a little wander.

And a shop window caught my eye!

Of course, I had to step in.

And it was like stepping into a little sweet shop! But nothing was fattening - all calorie free.

A little gem packed to the rafters with the most beautiful patchwork and quilting fabric, all beautifully co-ordinated. 

Every surface covered.

Like every good shop a decent haberdashery section with a good selection of thread. 

And also pre-cut packs for patchworkers. 

And in all of this gloriousness a few things caught my eye.

I bought some of the above for some bunting for the Open Studios (must crack on with that).

And fabric brand new to me - Lewis & Irene.

This little shop is called Honeybuns and Sewing Bees.  And if traditional patchwork and quilting is your thing (and you find yourself in Gosport any time soon) it is worth a little trip. It is a tiny, compact little gem (though there is a workshop room just behind which they use for classes etc.) 

Susan showed me round (she described herself as the Saturday girl) and Caroline is the boss

And I am told they are planning an on line shop too. 


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